PP Melt Blown Filter with End caps

Group PP melt blown filter
Min. Order 500 piece
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Update Time 2017-11-02
Item specifics
Filtration Media:PP
End Caps:DOE/222Flat/226Fin/222Fin/226Flat
Length:9.75 to 40 inches (24.8 to 102 cm) nominal
Outside Diameter:2.5inch
Inner Diameter:1.1inch or 1.2inch
Max. operating temperature176˚F (80˚C)
Item:PP Melt Blown Filter with End caps
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PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge with end caps


Melt Blown Cartridges are manufactured from 100% Polypropylene construction. They offer excellent filtration and good thermal stability. The unique density gradient construction maximizes efficiency and minimizes pressure drop. This filter will not impart taste, odor, or color to the filtered product and has superior chemical resistance for process fluid applications.

We provides 12 different end caps to all of our filter lines. The diversity of these end caps provides an endless variety of filtration needs for every industry.

We can provide the following end caps:

Ø  Polypro-226

Ø  PolyPro Core Extender

Ø  Open End Stainless Steel-222

Ø  Flat Open End Gasket

Ø  Custom End Cap

Ø  Closed End Stainless Steel-222

Ø  Stainless Steel Core Extender

Ø  Flat / Closed

Ø  Poly-222

Ø  Fin

Ø  Flat / Open


Filter medium:

PP melt blown

Relative filtration pore size:

1,3,5,10,20,30,50,75,100 µm


10", 20", 30", 40",50’’

Outer diameter

60 ~ 85 mm

Inner diameter

28 ~ 30 mm


Flat, insert, screwed

End caps


Effective filtration area

≥0.045 m2/10"

Max. operating temperature

176˚F (80˚C)

Max. positive pressure

0.2 MPa(25°C)

Max. back pressure

0.1 MPa(25°C)


special requirement of diameter and end caps can be customized



²  Spun bonded 100% polypropylene

²  High dirt holding capacity

²  Low pressure drop operating

²  Great chemical compatibility

²  Graded density pore size structure

²  No glue or any additives

²  Gram weight customize


Potable Water


Pre Filters for Reverse Osmosis Filters

Fine Chemicals

Metal Finishing

Plating Solutions

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