Constructive contribution to regional issues welcome

Time: 2017-11-03
Summary: China and US should push the bilateral treaty and seek new trade negotiation.

Constructive contribution to regional issues welcome

Donald Trump's first visit to Asia as US president, which will take him to Japan, the Republic of Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines, comes at a critical moment, as the missile and nuclear programs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have cast a shadow over the region. The issue is expected to feature prominently in Trump's talks.

Trump needs to reassure his hosts that the United States will play a constructive role in pursuing a peaceful resolution to the Korean Peninsula issue, and it recognizes dialogue and consultation are the only feasible means to address this and other issues in the region.

Much of the speculation ahead of Trump's visit to Asia, which began on Friday, stems from the conflicting messages that have previously been given by his administration. A clear, consistent and positive message showing a willingness to cooperate and contribute constructively to resolving regional issues would go a long way toward making his trip a success.

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